Comment 1038

By concerned (anonymous) | Posted September 22, 2006 at 13:05:50

The Spec also wll not print anything that opposes Dreschel's (spec columnist) biggest fetish Di Ianni. You can point out and back with facts but still the spec Di Ianni relationship remains strong.
It is also interesting that Di Ianni is now set to invade McHattie's territory by setting his camoaign office on Locke Street. right down the street from his pal Mr. Tony who is running for ward 1.
What frightens me the most is I see no real movement as the election approaches to push for change. It is a truly imminent threat that we may have the same mayor for yet another 4 years. Aside from controversy, I have seen nothing from the other candidates that is making any impact.
Hamilton apathy rules!

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