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By LRT here,LRT everywhere (anonymous) | Posted August 15, 2014 at 13:36:53

If I were an LRT spokesperson,I would be more assertive and aggresive about the whole project - no fuzzy sketches from elsewhere,no tiny drawings. (1) I would go to the hated Toronto and get a few photos from current construction at Queen and Broadview, Spadina and Dundas or Waterfront. (2) I would tell people, that this chaotic mess would be moving ahead slowly - perhaps 5 to 10m per day. (3) I would ask people, if they like current St.Clair W or Spadina north of College - again no cut-and-paste. (4) I would engage people once per week - not at pre-election or budget time. (5) I would put a small kiosk at City Hall and I would make sure, that this kiosk is serviced at reasonable times. --- Current evasion and procrastination by Mr.Bratina confuse the situation and as you said,show a lack of leadership.. We have that lack of leadership in Toronto too. We are supposed to have surface (Eglinton) LRT ready by 2020. Yet the proposed design is getting muddled by talks of super-wide sidewalks (3m) and quite recently Mrs. M.B. (one of the councillors) complained about loss of turn-lanes for vehicles using the corridor. Go and figure.

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