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By incredulous (anonymous) | Posted September 22, 2006 at 16:42:10

Kevin - did you even read the View article? I don't need the opinion of a judge to override my common sense. The article is virtually nothing but facts. You can't get more objective than that. And the writers questioning of DiIanni's integrity seems pretty reasonable under the circumstances. As he states, it's up to DiIanni to start explaining some of these 'honest mistakes' -why has he not done so? Avoiding the subject, critisizing your 'accusers' and endlessly repeating the line 'these were honest mistakes' are not the actions of an honest man. DiIanni has some explaining to do and clearly he ain't doing it. Until he gives me some good explanations I can only make my own deductions from the evidence presented. And that evidence is pretty damning. It's not a question of whether you likes the man's policies or not. It's simply a question of common sense and wanting a better standard of public servant for Hamilton.

A comment from an earlier article asked why Hamiltonians are so forgiving of DiIanni. I wish I could figure that one out. The man has an extraordinary knack for scewing up and being forgiven. He's making fools of us all.

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