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By (registered) | Posted September 12, 2014 at 20:34:58

John Best's Bay Observer has a peculiar editorial policy. In half a dozen issues, I have perused, I have only seen the oddly titled 'Letter FROM the Editor' column. Strange because usually readers are invited to respond with letters TO the editor. In one issue earlier this year, I read not one, but two anti-LRT articles. It seems that having all the column inches (plus editorial columns) is not enough to bash LRT. Hence the additional 'Letter FROM the Editor' just to drive home the point. Seeing an opportunity to counter some clearly false assumptions about LRT, I sent an e-mail in hopes of having it published. Nothing appeared in the next issue. Finally I called Mr. Best and asked him if indeed he actually published letters TO the editor (as would be the norm) as I had never seen any. He claimed that of course they do but he did not 'see' my e-mail. After I referenced it with a date, he did scroll down and find it. He assured me that he would publish it. To his credit, it did end up in a subsequent issue, but only after he had been called on it. An innocent mistake? Perhaps. Or would it be a case of running roughshod over anyone who opposed the party line and squelching dissent? I will give him he benefit of the doubt this time but I suggest those who have issues with what is published in the Bay Observer take the time to craft a letter and send it in - with the proviso that if you see nothing, then make a follow-up call, lest your letter be lost in the shuffle. Regarding his statement that he is neutral on the LRT issue - balderdash. Every article that he has written on the topic that I have seen is stridently anti-LRT. He should come out and say it for all to hear instead of promoting a (clearly false) 'objective' stance on the issue. I believe he should also declare his professional interest (conflict of interest?) as executive director of the Southern Ontario Gateway Council. Knowing that he may be strongly motivated to oppose certain civic projects because they compete directly for the 'one taxpayer's' dollar should be made up front. Then let him argue on the merits of the project.

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