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By (registered) | Posted September 12, 2014 at 21:03:45 in reply to Comment 104496

I am a regular RTH reader and I usually bike to work but will drive when I have to and also in the coldest months of the winter. Bus service is poor between my home and work but since the CIty has chosen to use the provincial gas tax money for pothole filling or other non-HSR related improvements, I'm not the least bit surprised. Improving current transit infrastructure and pursuing the LRT are not mutually exclusive goals as some would lead us to believe - right Mr. Mayor? To Mark-Alan Whittle - what exactly are you implying by your question? "Does anyone here on RTH ride the bus for daily transportation? That's what I thought, let the down voting begin". That everyone who reads this blog have to take the bus before reading or commenting? Do you? If not, why not? What is your solution? What vote Mr. Whittle? Did we get to vote on the Red Hill? The Linc. The Aerotropolis? Keeping one way streets for a decade after recommendations to convert them to two way?

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