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By TheDude (registered) | Posted September 12, 2014 at 21:49:50 in reply to Comment 104477

Disagree. Let's play devil's advocate for a while...

Let's say that council was given one set of numbers several years ago. Let's say that since then, Mississauga has almost completed their rapid transit, which they have. I drive by it daily on my way to and from work. Again, I don't claim to have the stats, but let's say like most provincial projects, it's behind schedule and over budget. So, he stops to check the numbers again. And finds it's going to cost a lot more than was initially quoted. Now, the rest of the (lower) city councillors are saying "ahead at all costs!" but he stops to think about what the real cost is and if it's actually the right choice. No harm in changing your stance, and it takes a big person to do so (pun intended).

Now, I'm not sure I believe all that, and it may well be that his donor base is against it, or that his Conservative sensibilities are kicking in again. Who knows? Certainly not me. Either way I won't be voting for Mr. Clark.

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