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By Steve (registered) | Posted September 22, 2014 at 11:39:53

Thank-you for this article, I enjoyed it immensely. I think our 'urban forest' is critical to the live-ability of our city and hope that we continue to invest in its long-term benefit, particularly on city our streets.

We have two ~100 year old trees on our small property (30' x 100'), we view them as an asset to our property and our neighbourhood (even with roots in our sewer pipe). We sit out in under the shade of the trees all summer long and live without air conditioning (easy this summer, not so much others) as the tree's shade help keep our home at least a little cooler.

We love our urban forest and our little oasis, even with the 25 leaf bags we bought this past weekend as preparation for the inevitable fall ritual of raking.

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