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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted September 23, 2014 at 15:40:19 in reply to Comment 104768

That is not a quote from the report. It is a quote from Dreschel's interpretation of what the report says!

Here is the actual report

which cites the main obstacles to achieving LRT's development boosting potential as the lack of congestion and the high speed one way arterials, which discourage walking and urban development. The fixes proposed in this report are relatively simple:

"Planners and policymakers should first consider addressing the current shortcomings identified in the literature by improving near-term economic, social, and physical conditions in the downtown core and prospective station areas as well as making travel by personal automobile less attractive. This can include solutions that are potentially more cost-effective, such as streetscape improvements and traffic calming through the conversion of the city’s one-way arterials back to two-way traffic."

This report does not dispute the Rapid Ready report which found the LRT will actually make a profit of 75 cents per passenger which can be used to off-set the costs of the entire HSR system. In terms of operational costs, LRT is far cheaper than buses, even if the capital cost (the vast majority of which would be covered by province) would be higher.

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