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By Sigh (Last time, I promise) (anonymous) | Posted September 24, 2014 at 05:54:53 in reply to Comment 104673

"By sigh, given your latest explanation it shows your true colors, you do not believe in the principles of democracy, only tyranny."

Sure, OK. Sounds like you're upset that maybe "the good reverend" wasn't given a shot to talk about his transit loop that nobody else talking about?

"The chamber of commerce should be held accountable for not including all those running. Given the newest postings on Facebook, Mr DiIanni's bullying fingers, who has ties to Mr Eisenberger's campaign, I do not think you have much to offer as opinion."

The chamber was one of 3 co-hosts of the event. Hamilton's Chamber of Commerce, Homebuilders Assocation, and Realtors Association were all involved. As stated prior, they can invite whoever they want, and exclude whoever they want. They should not be held accountable, it's not their mandate. They don't even have to co-host an event! Further to that, what are you rambling about with Eisenberger? What about the other 2 candidates? Why is the posting of another has-been mayor anything I would follow? I'm not associated with any of the 3 real candidates, and have my own opinions on them.

"I said you are a few cents short a dollar, a drone incapable of any semblance of critical thinking."

Actually, you never said that till just then. I'm not a drone and have no problems with critical thinking, but it seems like you're upset over nothing and would much rather be angry all the time and find fault with any perceived slight or anything than to actually solve the problems at hand. All I see in your posts is complaint after complaint. When was the last time you smiled?

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