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By Starbuck (registered) | Posted September 24, 2014 at 11:50:57

I buy the argument that LRT is more cost effective than BRT, however I still remain skeptical that LRT overall, will not have a significant impact on the already heavily taxed property owner.

To date, residential taxes account for 70% of tax revenue for the city, while only 30% comes from the private sector. In addition, the recent mac report clearly stated that LRT alone will not be enough to sway business to invest along the B corridor. This is a fundamental argument for the pro LRT folks, who believe future investment along said route would sustain annual operational and infrastructure costs associated with LRT. The solution? According to RTH, one way to two way street conversions. RTH believes this would create an increase in ridership, which in turn would assist with the operational costs of LRT, as well as give incentive for private investment along the B corridor, which in turn would sustain the ongoing annual infrastructure costs.

If this is indeed the argument for LRT/BRT, I am very skeptical. I do not believe there would be enough vehicle to public transportation conversions, in the foreseeable future, to alleviate the immediate tax burden LRT/BRT would have on the taxpayer.

What Hamilton desperately needs is more business investment, resulting in greater tax revenue for the city coffers. That should be councils # 1 focus. I understand the urgency due to the provinces alleged promise to fund the build, however it’s madness to suggest once built, the system will not facilitate substantial property tax increases.

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