Comment 104859

By RobF (registered) | Posted September 25, 2014 at 15:53:44 in reply to Comment 104846

I'm not arguing that we should abandon the current plan. What i said was directly related to the argument presented by the author ... i.e., that neither LRT, nor BRT is perfect, that it's not helpful to determine which is better, and that we should go with LRT, because the process is too far along to reverse course. On the last point, I can't say it strongly enough that it isn't. Much as we might wish otherwise, the B-line LRT is very much at risk. To say that at this stage we shouldn't change course is fine provided we make that claim on the basis of LRT's superiority over the BRT alternative ... simply saying it's too far along to reverse course, the tenor of her argument, is strategically unwise. In other words, the comment you are quoting was directed at Marie. If she's elected to council she will have to pick sides and determine the better choice on any host of important matters, not just this issue.

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