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By TheDude (registered) | Posted October 07, 2014 at 19:27:38 in reply to Comment 105233

Isn't changing a phone number akin to reorienting a stadium... a superficial change that doesn't change anything at all.

Not at all. When you call the city right now, you hit a switchboard. They can probably answer the "easy" questions they get asked all the time - garbage pickup, where to direct complaints, taxes, paying parking tickets, etc., but they don't have the training, expertise or experience to properly answer your question - nor should they. Think if you were at the switchboard of a company - your job is to route a call, not answer the question in detail.

I've been hoping we get a 311 service. This is absolutely crucial to making it easier to get an answer to your question. Right now I've got about a half dozen questions I need answered regarding my new home and have no idea where to go - I'm interested in getting some trees planted by the city in my front yard, our sidewalks are a large safety hazard with cracks and heaving, finding out what exactly I require a building permit for, and others. Good luck in your campaign and bringing change to city services!

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