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By John Neary (registered) | Posted October 08, 2014 at 23:04:07 in reply to Comment 105266

It's good that hospital employees are getting more walking, but it is maybe a bit unfair to use city streets to park for free all day five days a week to avoid paying for parking at your place of work.

I totally agree. That's why you guys need proper pricing of parking in your neighbourhood.

Incidentally, the hospital has a seven-year waiting list for parking spaces. Demand greatly exceeds supply at the price they currently charge, although that price has recently been rising. So many of the people parking in Durand have no option to park at the hospital. The hospital could raise its staff parking rates even higher and that would be more equitable, but either way there will be lots of hospital staff looking for off-site parking.

Oh, and the hospital has no provision for occasional parking for staff. So staff who need to drive to work once in a while either pay $15 per day or park on the street (as I used to do on occasion).

I'm not for a second arguing that hospital parking should be the neighbourhood's problem. But the best way to address it is to price the on-street parking according to demand, which we seem to agree on. There are lots of examples of parking benefit districts in other cities.

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