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By jason (registered) | Posted October 10, 2014 at 14:47:37

Wow. This is unexpected great news.

Whoever has this level of pull to get this project re-evaluated will hopefully advocate very strongly for the inclusion of bike boxes, the extension of these bike lanes to Dundurn and for the simple shuffling of lanes so the bikes are protected by parking instead of being sandwiched between parking and live lanes. There is zero extra cost to this change in design, it's simply putting the bikes beside the curb, instead of parking. The rest is still all paint. Wherever there are concrete bumpouts (Herkimer and I think Hess??), simply end the street parking one car length before the bumpout and have the bike lanes swing around the bumpout and back against the sidewalk.

The only extra cost is for bike boxes, and this is minimal.

The bike lane being on the north side of Charlton makes sense to me, especially since one long stretch runs adjacent to the HAAA grounds where no street parking would be allowed. I would suggest knockdown sticks perhaps along a stretch like this with no parking protection.

Herkimer I see the merits of having the lanes on either the north or south curb lane. North curb would make life easier crossing Queen and remove one lane of car traffic from zipping next to Durand Park, as well as making life easier for left turns onto James.

However, the south curb makes life easier crossing Bay and would be parking-protected the entire length. Again, a bike box at James is ultra important. There's simply no need for 3 turning lanes at a dead-end street.

NYC just launched to the top of US cycling cities by using parking-protected bike lanes. Montreal has been doing it for decades. Much easier than building entire new curbs or rows of planters. Just requires paint and perhaps some knockdown sticks at the start/end of blocks.

Herkimer and Charlton are quiet/local enough streets to easily receive this treatment and cause huge percentages of people to feel safer on a bike:

Good luck to all involved!

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