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By WhatAboutThis (anonymous) | Posted October 14, 2014 at 16:54:57 in reply to Comment 105364

The problem is those lines won't be built until decades into the future, if ever. So why should a mountain resident, or for that matter someone from Ancaster, upper Stoney Creek, Binbrook or Waterdown vote in favour?

Other regions like York region's Viva Rapid Transit started with a full network of 5 BRT lines, and have since then gradually updated the facilities supporting these lines, with an expectation of converting some of the higher capacity lines to LRT by 2031. Why can't we follow that sort of pragmatic path here? It might not be the smartest short-term decision based on a more myopic view of the evidence, I'll admit. But in terms of both political viability, and the larger long-term end goal of getting people out of their cars and into public transit, I don't get why that can't work here too!

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