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By jason (registered) | Posted October 14, 2014 at 19:06:42 in reply to Comment 105369

I've agreed all along that city hall should be fighting for LRT on the B Line AND BRT on the A Line simultaneously. There is no reason to settle for anything less. And although the ultimate BLAST network shows where future LRT lines could go, I see no reason at all why we don't develop a QEW/Red Hill/ Linc/ 403 Express bus route along the shoulders of those highways connecting the Big Box Centre at QEW/Centennial with E/W transit routes at Barton, Queenston, Meadowlands East, Upper Gage, Wentworth, James, Meadowlands, MIP, McMaster U.
The B-Line would be crossed at either end by this express route and the A line would be met at Upper James. This would be such a low-cost way to implement a dynamite express system along our freeway shoulders with limited stops as suggested here. Suddenly someone living in Upper Stoney Creek near Meadowlands East can see themselves arriving at McMaster in 30-40 minutes via an express route on dedicated shoulders with zero traffic congestion. Compare that with the driving time from Upper Stoney Creek to Mac everyday via the Linc/403 and all of the sudden people are using transit like never before in Hamilton due to the time travelled being similar to that of a car, but with the guarantee of free lanes the entire way, not possible slowdowns.

The HSR is by far the most mismanaged and poorly run operation in the city. They haven't even installed the new transit shelters along the A and B Line that were approved 2 years ago.
We need a transit commission or an entire new management and staff at HSR.

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