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By notlloyd (registered) - website | Posted October 14, 2014 at 20:14:16

I would like comments on the following letter to the Spectator.

It is strange that the Hamilton light rail initiative is based on the apparent rejection of both math and science in favour of ideology.

The unconditional acceptance of LRT reports without verification of the math used represents an acceptance of a very high degree of risk for such a project. It is particularly unsettling, as the math and methodologies used remain highly opaque and have not been published for review and inspection by any impartial third party.

The lack of objectivity in dealing with misleading reports that failed to highlight underlying assumptions is also cause for concern. A case in point is the Canadian Urban Institute report that failed to specifically point out that any development along a proposed LRT line would be at the expense of development that would have occurred elsewhere within Hamilton and, hence, LRT would generate very little, if any, net new assessment.

The rejection of transportation science in favour of ideology — that somehow Hamilton LRT ridership would far exceed what is expected for a city of Hamilton's size, demographics and travel characteristics — is betting the farm, and a lot of taxpayers' money, on an unproven, unvetted and unaudited plan.

Cooler heads need to prevail.

Jim Hindson, PEng (ON), Victoria BC, former transportation engineer, City of Hamilton

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