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By jeffzuk (registered) | Posted October 15, 2014 at 10:58:23

Brad Clark from May 2014:

Suburban residents need to understand providing the seed money for those developments in the core will eventually improve their financial situation, says Brad Clark.

Clark said … suburban residents have to learn that improving the city’s core, is essential if the municipality is to continue transforming itself. He said suburban residents believe they are losing out and all of their tax dollars are being funneled into the core’s redevelopment.

“We need to demonstrate in all the community that Hamilton is ours,” said Clark. “The suburbs are concerned about all the money going into the downtown. We need to educate the suburban voters as to why those subsidies are so vitally important for the downtown. If we intensify we end up developing significant economic growth for the city.”

Brad Clark from October 2014:

"What I'm hearing is we are a city of many communities, how about paying attention to us too? It's not just downtown. The success of Hamilton is not solely based on the downtown. The success on Hamilton is based on a thriving diverse economy across the entire city."

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