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By jeffzuk (registered) | Posted October 15, 2014 at 19:17:15 in reply to Comment 105400

And it has become clear to me that it's not even about LRT or BRT in this election…

I'd agree with that, although I'd go further and suggest the reason why there's such resonance with LRT being a wedge issue is it reflects the growing class divisions that many cities are facing but Hamilton uniquely so. LRT is continuously described as a "toy" or gift, unnecessary at that, to the downtown. It reflects the unease of, as Richard Florida describes it, "a missing middle of industrial jobs, [and] middle-income neigbhourhoods [that] have begun to disappear from our cities and metros." They are getting something, and we are losing.

Well, at least that's my theory, based on the super-charged rhetoric around what really should be academic arguments. And somewhere client scientists are shaking their heads over and over.

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