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By ItJustIs (registered) | Posted October 15, 2014 at 21:05:20

Wow. What a piece of...television entertainment. (I could reference it with a decidedly undecorous -my word- phrase such as a 'circle-j@$%', but I won't. Sorta. Kinda.)

It was like an infomercial. An infomercial with not just four participants reading from the same script, but a 'moderator' who couldn't possibly be any more obsequious- Hmmm... Actually, given what I saw, I bet he could.

Very reminiscent of the tenor and substance of this election campaign's 'debates' (for the most part): Pablum. (I think Kool-aid needs to be retired.)

Preaching to the converted. To the Loyal Cadre of pro-LRTers. Certainly not to the people who are going to vote against it by voting for the candidate who ain't yours...namely those in districts outside Wards 1 & 2. But this is an audience that nobody seems to want to engage with.

Here's a suggestion: Instead of having a stacked panel whose purpose is to shine a very bright light on The Shiny Thing Capable of Transforming a City, how about actually having a dialogue with people who don't wear the same jersey at you do. Unless of course, you're not actually interested in engagement, but in feeling the righteous glee that listening to your thoughts coming out of someone else's mouth provides.

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