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By Fake Name (anonymous) | Posted October 21, 2014 at 10:41:31 in reply to Comment 105480

I'm actually more worried about Ira Rosen than Tony Greco. Rosen seems to have poached much of Greco's voters and is a much more moderate and palatable candidate than Greco, so he could easily come up the middle.

Ira talked the best game about student housing problems so the entire university neighborhood is surrounded by a ring of Rosen signs... and if you look at the RTH questions, Rosen falls further to the right on urbanism issues than the other three. He's lukewarm on LRT, his only concrete comment on the bike-lanes issue was more *enforcement*, and iirc at some point he floated the idea of selling the undeveloped part of MIP to a big box retailer.

Ward 1 can do much better. And yes, Allen, Johnson, and Shaw will have ask themselves a hard question... I'm pulling for Allen in spite of his less-polished campaign, but it seems like Johnson has the most momentum. But Johnson and Shaw both seem to have higher political aspirations than just ward councillor, so I don't expect they'll back down as I'm sure riding the election out to the bitter end is better for their personal political careers.

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