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By Josie (registered) | Posted October 25, 2014 at 18:32:45 in reply to Comment 105486

Leaving one way streets would have allowed for more bike lanes and a plan for buses to move more rapidly if equipped to control traffic signals. I guess whoever took those pictures doesn't drive or take taxis. Personally i'd rather cross a one way street than 2 way that argument is bogus which is why we now have more lights on streets that were converted you couldn't cross them. As for boasting about B line ridership of 10 million per year and then constantly citing Calgary's lrt with a ridership of about 300,000 per day what a joke do the math and read about the problems shuttle bus anyone? I want to see a city with a comparable geography's solution to public transportation and a study of who is coming to the core to work postal codes of employees would provide this info, downtowns only do well if there are workers any business owner will tell workers in their area are their bread and butter anyone else is gravy. Until we attract more employers to the core it will not sustain these sorts of projects. We need to plan better and not just jump on a band wagon

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