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By Joe (registered) | Posted September 24, 2006 at 00:59:21

I think an important point not being discussed is whether Di Ianni's guilt in this matter impedes his ability to be mayor. In my opinion, the answer is no. We must remember these charges are not criminal--they are in the same league as parking tickets. This is the world of politics, and if anyone thinks there are completely honest politicians out there, I'd like to know who they are (okay, I'm sure there may be some, but we shouldn't act surprised something like this happens).

My point here is that I trust Hamilton's future with Di Ianni based on his track record. It is unlikely that the major redevelopments happening downtown have taken place during his tenure happened by chance. The slow degeneration of our downtown occured over 18 years with Mayor Morrow at the helm. We finally have a mayor with an understanding of what needs to get done to help our core, and has the political skills to draw businesses to our city. We needed a person with a good business sense, we finally have one, and now people want to smear his character because of illegal donations. Let's take some time to think of the numerous positives during his time as mayor...

Lister, Tivoli, Connaught, Hilton, Staybridge Suites, businesses going back to Jackson, life back on James, two-way streets making a comeback, growth of the arts community, reconnection to our harbourfront, marine discovery centre, haida, rebirth of Locke & Ottawa streets, major activity with our airport (not to mention the new highway leading to it) etc. Our city is finally experiencing FAST and POSITIVE growth--let's not remove a variable that may be related to such growth.

I'm willing to forgive Di Ianni for his actions, especially because I think his contributions back to Hamilton (a city I'm sure he loves) outweighs the costs being discussed here.

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