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By one to two-way side street, off Barton E (anonymous) | Posted November 06, 2014 at 16:27:30

There is a side street one long block long, north from Barton E., immediately west of Birch Ave., called Fullerton Ave. It is wider than most residential side streets. It is one-way northbound, probably/maybe as a counter to fast drag multi-lane southbound Birch Ave.--and this one-way on this Fullerton resdntl side street is very inconvenient, and dumb & unnecessary. It is the short street just east of the Barton St. Library near where the old Siemens etc. industrial complex is/was--and so that's why likely the one way--but it is WIDE and residential, and it is a silly thing to keep that street one-way.So, new Ward 3 councillor...

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