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By jason (registered) | Posted November 06, 2014 at 22:37:43 in reply to Comment 106021

Bay is the best north/south route from the southern edge of Durand all the way to the west Harbour. It simply doesn't carry enough traffic to need to viewed as a through street. Hess is only 1-lane through the village and can't be a north/south cycling route.

I would prefer this for Hess from King to Barton: two-way cycle track in the east lane. One northbound lane in the centre. Street parking on the west side.

Bay St could have several options due to it's changing width from Herkimer to Cannon. For example, if converted to two-way from Herkimer to Hunter, it would be impossible to add bike lanes without removing all parking. Not sure that will fly in the hood. If it remains one-way from Herkimer to Hunter it could have a parking protected bike lane northbound, one NB car lane and a buffered southbound bike lane in the west curb lane. From Hunter to Cannon it is wide enough for two-way traffic plus bike lanes. Parking bays already exist from King to York.

It could have one lane each way with left turn lanes at Main, King and Cannon. Bike lanes on each curb, protected by a buffered paint zone and bollards:

North of Cannon should be a basic design like Dundurn, but with the bike lane next to the curb instead of between parking and live traffic.

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