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By jason (registered) | Posted November 11, 2014 at 11:52:24 in reply to Comment 106098

so let's see if I understand. You're criticizing citizens for wanting parking to remain on quiet, slow-speed Rebecca street which will help keep traffic speeds low as they should be on that street, which also helps cyclists safey ride in mixed traffic. Your complaint is that 'dooring' may now become a problem on Rebecca.

Also, you're criticizing citizens for halting bike lane projects on Herkimer/Charlton, two high speed, busy streets - because the bike lane was planned to be wedged perfectly into the dooring zone and next to live traffic.

Hmmm, I'm no scientist but it would appear as though the better street to have cyclists and cars mixing would be Rebecca, especially with curb parking retained, which results in much slower driving speeds. And the one-way streets with more volume and speed, one would think cycling would be safer next to the sidewalk, protected from live traffic and dooring.

But you want the the name of looking out for cyclists??

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