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By Tybalt (registered) | Posted November 12, 2014 at 14:16:58 in reply to Comment 106150

" The level of resident engagement on a day to day basis is far more valuable."

Hear hear!

So on that note, something rather important.

The city, one may wish to note, has a webpage where it tells citizens to "check this page periodically for notification of any advertised vacancies" in its Advisory Committees, Boards and Agencies.

Those committees, boards and agencies are one of the principal ways that ordinary citizens can get engaged with the City and the work it does. Their work is vital.

As these boards and agencies and committees are restaffed every four years with the arrival of a new council. As you can imagine, that means this is a tremendously important time! There is currently a call for volunteers for these, one that ENDS on November 28.

That page has NO NOTICE posted on it. The notice so far has only (it seems) been given to councillors. Who would seem with one exception, to have handed it around to friends and otherwise left it alone.

The one exception is Councillor Brenda Johnson (THANK YOU COUNCILLOR!). Her posting is here, and I suggest you look at it, and please consider where you can help your city.

When we talk about a city that is not merely closed and unfriendly--but in fact openly hostile--to those from outside the magic handshake circle, this is exactly what we mean. It is unconscionable that the City is keeping critical information on public participation from the public, to the extent that it is not even posting the information on its own website, not even in that section of the website dedicated to that purpose.

The City must do better.

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