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By fast_eddie (registered) | Posted December 04, 2014 at 21:22:24

I think people are misunderstanding Queen Street's comments. He or she is pointing out that James N., is in line to have massive, (at times detrimental) commercial overhaul as did Toronto's Queen Street W.

An area that was once known for its eclectic appeal, drawing local designers and craftsman...all run by various ethnic mom and pop shops...has been pushed out by big box chain retailers. Like James N now, Queen W had a strong influence of European and Asian operators. Alot of these businesses rented the storefront and therefore the appeal. However, with the economic change and more "bad boy" style leadership in Toronto's City Hall, it saw many odd impositions posed on both the renters and owners, leaving them to abandon the store so that the City took it under tax arrears and then sold to the next condo developer.

QueenStreetWestOmen is actually pointing out the hypocrisy of many that profess to be all for urban revitalization. A quick look at City Hall, and one will notice that many staff actually drive to work. They are not from the core, but rather the suburbs...and sometimes not even Hamilton suburbs! Among these staff, some are making key decisions about what is right for our downtown. This is what QueenStreetWest is pointing out.

Dear QueenStreetWestOmen - I hear your message...I shed a little tear more and more every time I visit TO. I can no longer tell if the Gardiner is a highway or just a really long parking ramp to one of the many condos.

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