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By RTHS (registered) - website | Posted December 09, 2014 at 08:01:42

Over at @RTHS (Twitter, obviously) we'll be writing the other side of the argument where it's warranted.

On the bus lane issue, something Ryan doesn't make mention of - that we do - is that the bus lane essentially takes two lanes of traffic away from morning commuters.

One for the bus lane, one for the metered parking. Don't try to convince me that the metered parking doesn't remove a lane of traffic - it does. Cars have to switch lanes, slow down, stop completely in heavy traffic, all in order to avoid that lane (Near Tim Horton's/Hess) if even one car is parked there.

The city needs to look at demand (IE - the number of people using the bus lane ALL DAY, not only during rush hour) before they look at accommodating it. The city continues to try and manufacture demand (Bike lanes, anyone?) for services or options for which no (or minimal) demand currently exists.

Anyways, go look at @RTHS and the blog on Medium - links in the profile.

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