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By PiersixBrawler (registered) | Posted December 10, 2014 at 12:34:13 in reply to Comment 106768

  1. not 'overnight', but definately in future generations. 2.there are more drivers on the road than bicyclists and bus patrons, yet municipal and federal and municipal governments choose 'the blind eye' to the fact drivers are in the 'majority' and it's the drivers that pay for road maintenance by way of their sticker 3.if the federal government continues to frustrate drivers onto public transit starting on the municipal level, then in effect the federal government is trying to 'monopolize'the transport of human beings in Canada which clearly removes the money that the insurance and oil industries used to enjoy and deposits that money firmly into the pockets of the government transit system. 4. if the municipal and federal governments are 'allowed' to do this- slowly omit automobiles in favor of public transit, this then gives them 'carte blanche' to charge whatever they want for fare due to the monopolization, and you'll pay it...or lose you job. Considering this, and the fact that food banks and 'flop houses' are struggling to survive as it is now due to regulation and legislation, not only will you lose your job if you don't pay their 'ransom' but you will starve and be homeless as well. It's all part and parcel of their plan...this is NOT a mistake or 'error'. Control how people go to work, and you control people. This is the beginning of the deployment of a totalitarian dictatorship cleverly disguised as 'going green'which on initial inspection, seems like an excellent way to 'clean up' the environment, but the only 'green' thats 'going' is the green from the insurance and oil industries pockets into the government pockets leaving the environment issue nothing more than a 'side effect' of this policy. 'No cars' means no more corporate bail outs for the auto industry, the huge drop in fossil fuel sales puts the government 'in the drivers seat' considering that they will be the only ones consuming fossil fuel and the oil companies will 'comply' with government agenda or go bankrupt. This also solves the problem of the 'religous lunatic fringe' by putting rich religous oil barons out of business virtually overnight, therefore completely dis arming them by way of bankruptcy as far as 'terrorist attacks' goes. Your 'flash pass' for public transit will immediately inform police of your whereabouts at all times and will give access to your T-4 so the transit and government can see exactly how much you make and adjust your 'fare' according to what you make monthly, and you ll pay whatever they want or so much for your job and good luck with eating and finding a place to sleep after you've lost your job. Bicycle lanes and the political rise of 'concern for pedestrian safety' are just a lame way to show that this is 'still' a democracy because you still have a 'choice'as far as 'alternate' transportation goes. Good luck walking or riding your bike to work in Toronto if you live in Hamilton however. John Torys policy of further intentional frustration to drivers is clear in his policy of 'narrowing' lanes and 'halfing' the speed limits for 'safety reasons' which clearly underlines the governments agenda of railroading people onto public transit systems. We must also consider that it is TORONTO that is responsible for the bus and bike lanes, and the city of Hamilton has no say or authority to the contrary in the matter which proves the political dictatorship on a federal, provincial, and municipal level has already begun and is slowly 'trickeling down' to citizens in general, and drivers in particular. This is an excellent plan when viewed from a corporate standpoint, and considering that your 'say' is less important than the political agenda, and that driving is a 'privilege' and not a 'right' that can be taken from you at any time, the government is clearly 'well within their rights' to implement this plan which is just the tip of the iceberg as far as losing your voice in a democracy thats been re worked into a totalitarian dictatorship.

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