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By jason (registered) | Posted December 11, 2014 at 10:50:17

You'd think he used to be a Hamilton councillor 20 years ago.....

Check out this can of worms that was opened yesterday in Binbrook. Participatory budgeting now getting into essential services, not just park/street enhancements, but actual full cancellation of all bus service to Binbrook:

I may follow suit and suggest a complete closure of King St through Ward 1 in the next PB process, or perhaps a shared space like European cities (and now Chicago, NY, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver etc....) with slow narrow car space, wide pedestrian space, transit and bike access.

Also, I hope council is going to immediately halt all new development in Binbrook, and tell the residents to go shut it when they start whining about clogged roads (thats code for: 'I hit a red light once') and longer commute times.

Apparently the vote was 600-300. So, is the city going to help that 1/3 of Binbrook residents who need transit move to a new neighbourhood?? Or buy them a car?

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