Comment 106970

By Fake Name (anonymous) | Posted December 12, 2014 at 11:06:25 in reply to Comment 106965

Nobody thinks the bus-lane was well done. The only spot RTH readers disagree with council is that the Bus Lane could be *fixed*.

King Street can run fine on 2 lanes - there were parts that were 2 lanes *before* the bus lane.

The problem isn't the design of the bus lane, the problem is that city staff thought they could slap down some white paint and call it a day instead of doing the work of figuring out light timings and special signals to get traffic through the smaller space.

And ultimately, I think the MacNab Transit Terminal is a big part of the problem. The re-build should have never been in-place, it's always been a bad place for buses. The city could have bought any number of conveniently-located block-sized parking lots and kept the Mountain buses off of King.

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