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By JMorse (registered) | Posted December 12, 2014 at 11:32:47

Since I sent this letter to council I have received 2 responses. A brief positive acknowledgement for the new Ward 1 councillor Aidan Johnson, and this:

The city had embarked on a citywide transportation study. I believe the experiences of the bus lane is data that would be useful feeding into the study. It is my opinion that a comprehensive approach to meeting our public and private transportation needs, should be completed before broader community consensus is established. LRT, Rapid Ready and bus lanes > are all components that should be incorporated into the study. An informed decision is a good > decision and that is why the scope of the study needs to be city wide.

Respectfully, Terry Whitehead

A bit disappointing because the last time I a wrote a transit themed letter I got a fantastic rambling response from Mayor Bratina that even mentioned the Big Dig, of all things, as something that could work for us. I regret not sharing this at the time.

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