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By Noted (anonymous) | Posted December 21, 2014 at 15:59:27 in reply to Comment 107299

*Note that from Sept-Dec 2013, the HSR recorded 3,541 pass-bys on the B-Line corridor’s 1/5/10/51 routes.

I agree that pass-bys are to be avoided, and they reflect a poorly managed system. Part of that poor management, IMHO, is that U-Passes are discounted to the point where they present the HSR with as many negatives as positives (eg. crush-loaded buses face more wear and tear on top of the passbys, but ridership revenue is elusive, since U-Pass undercuts the adult pass cost by 80%). If U-Passes doubled in price, that would still be roughly half the student monthly rate — but the HSR might have the revenue to eliminate B-Line passbys, which are shown to constitute 56% of the system-wide issue. (The MSU and the University would presumably see a larger cut of the action for administering the fee.)

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