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By jason (registered) | Posted December 23, 2014 at 23:01:22 in reply to Comment 107389

I'm not completely familiar with the Miss BRT, but from what I've read, they recently just opened one piece of a 3 or 4 part route once it's all finished.

You may recall back when we built the Linc, it was wide open everyday. Very light traffic. And that's in a car-dependent city and in a sprawl area.

I commend Mississauga for planning for the future. Based on their transit experience the past 15 years, the BRT route will be very busy and well used in no time. They have passed us now in annual transit ridership due to their great investments in a robust bus network while we've been decimating ours.

All modes of transport share one steadfast common denominator: build it and they will ride/walk/drive/cycle

Mississuaga is also now planning an LRT route that will run N/S from Port Credit right up through downtown MIssissuaga to a northern terminus I don't recall at the moment.
Again, planning ahead (sort of) and trying to create attractive alternatives to the car.

It would have been true planning ahead had they done this 20 years ago. They went 100% in on car dependant sprawl, but to their credit can see the writing on the wall as having an entire city all driving around with one person per car is a disaster in the making. They've made great strides to add high-rise density and now good transit, and numbers show their investment and switch in planning priorities is paying off.

Hamilton used to try to mimic Mississauga's every sprawling move.
Now that they are adding density and great transit, Hamilton is completely ignoring them and learning nothing.

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