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By jason (registered) | Posted January 07, 2015 at 17:13:01

fantastic report. Can't wait to see which councillors try to ignore all the facts and city-building direction from staff in order to appease the 38 people who complained within the first month of the bus lane opening but have adjusted fine since.

Why build a real city when you can play games and politics with our quality of life and future.....

I'm shocked at those ridership gain numbers. It seems to be the same across this city now with potential cyclists, transit riders and folks wanting walkable streets: a HUGE pent-up demand and a massive segment of the population just itching to walk/bike/ride transit more if city council could somehow drag themselves out of the 70's and provide safe, reliable, convenient cycling networks, transit routes and walkable streets.

To have 20% growth happen with the city doing nothing is astounding. Imagine if they seriously invested in the B-Line corridor with transit signals, transit lanes and headways to eliminate crush-loads? That corridor will account for over 50% of the entire HSR network soon. Even more if we invest in it.

Staff are correct in their assessment of us (meaning council) lagging behind and needing to get serious about our future. The general populace is ready and waiting for a livable city. When will council do their jobs and provide one??

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