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By Noted (anonymous) | Posted January 08, 2015 at 11:06:20 in reply to Comment 107647

"To have 20% growth happen with the city doing nothing is astounding."

While the 20% growth, 2009-2014, throughout the Main/King/Queenston corridor is compelling, it is frustrating that this report doesn't use this data as context for TOL-specific data. The corridor in question could apply to a large number of routes travelling a wide stretch of the lower city (and, in the case of the 5C, beyond). That supports the 20% growth claim, but offers nothing related to the advent of the TOL. If ridership is up 20% across the entire King/Main/Queenston corridor over the five-year sample, what share of that growth can be attributed to the King TOL lane from Nov 2013-Nov 2014? How did ridership growth along King change during that Or it may be that the knock-on effects of the TOL led to ridership growth throughout the corridor. The closest we get to a sharp picture is the pre-/post-TOL analysis charted out in terms of 1 King schedule adherence, though performance on other routes using the corridor are not analysed in a similar fashion.

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