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By fmurray (registered) | Posted January 08, 2015 at 20:19:01 in reply to Comment 107657

But my point is that it's NOT the "older cohort" you have to concern yourself with. There are many, many younger people who think conservatively. As I said before, I'm related to some and work with others. I also belong to a community organization with older-age liberals.

Some people are half my age, but automatically take the conservative line. Why? Possibly because they don't have critical-thinking skills. They may read one article or just a headline about an issue and make up their mind from that. Headlines on the bus lane are a good example of the consequences of this style of decision-making. If you made up your mind just from reading headlines, you would think the bus lane was the most evil idea to ever be imposed on our city. What are we waiting for? Get rid of it!

The mayor's race in 2014 was a good example of surprising outlooks in the different age groups. Brian McHattie, one of the "older" candidates had the most progressive platform. While the youngest (I'm guessing age here), Crystal Lavigne was only marginally more progressive in terms of transit/streets than Brad Clark.

If you assume you know my political outlook based on my age, we'll waste a lot of time getting past that assumption before you realize we're on the same side.

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