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By Tybalt (registered) | Posted January 09, 2015 at 14:28:25

[a copy of what I sent]

Dear Mayor and Councillors,

I am a downtown business owner, living in Ward One. I commute every weekday to and from work, by car, by bus, and by bicycle; usually along Main Street in the morning, and by King Street in the afternoon or evening.

I also frequent downtown at other times. I've had a lot of time to watch the Bus Only lane at work over the past year.

It's worth keeping. The overall benefits to commuting (remember, please. that as the report shows, as many commuters use that lane alone in rush hour as drive King Street) are significant. The inconvenience is minor at best: as an example, on this past Monday, I noted that at 4:30pm on a rush hour Monday in bad (very cold) weather. traffic moved smoothly and at the speed limit along the whole of King Street.

I want our downtown to grow. Part of me locating in downtown Hamilton was to support a growing and underserved business community. Projects like this one are, in the end, aimed at helping downtown be a destination and not a freeway to drive through. I want this to continue. We must consider city-building in all our transportation decisions!

I encourage you to vote to keep the bus-only lane. It's better for all commuters and vastly better for downtown business.

Thank you,


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