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By AP (registered) | Posted January 14, 2015 at 11:18:54

Thanks, as always, Doreen, for bringing light to these issues for the RTH and Hamilton communities. Through no scientific review, it's struck me that with each of your articles focused on gender-equity and (men's) violence against women, the often-prolific commenting on RTH goes silent. If I'm being optimistic, it's because we're all in agreement there's nothing to debate here. But we can do better than silent agreement. We often take part in an empassioned rallying call around visions of a better future with complete streets and vibrant places to live, work and play. They're often met with a few dissenting voices calling out some variation of "_____ ____ ___ and the war on cars!" while the vast majority of Hamiltonians remain silent, unaware or unconcerned. There's an equivalent 'war on men and boys' retort that meets calls like Doreen's to acknowledge and address the injustices and improve the lives of women and girls. We can do better than sit by in silence. As the RTH community, I hope we can begin to realize, one commenter, one retweeter at a time, the importance of supporting gender-equity and eliminating gender-based violence in our communities.

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