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By Philip Emmi (anonymous) | Posted September 25, 2006 at 15:40:14

Inspired by your article and curious about the results, I calculated the dollar and carbon savings incurred by 23 years as a bicycle commuter. My commute is 5 miles long round-trip. I make about 170 round-trips per year. Accumulated fuel savings amount to a little under US$3,000 or 9 long tons of CO2. The real savings come from otherwise no having to own another car. The accumulated depreciation, maintenance, insurance and parking costs plus the value of garage space otherwise released come to US$67,000 or 42 tons of CO2 (at one ton CO2 per $1,600 of product). Accumulate total: $70,000 plus 51 tons CO2 saved. Imagine the effect if 20% of the work force did likewise.
Philip Emmi, Salt Lake City

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