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By Dylan (registered) | Posted January 20, 2015 at 19:36:47

Is there anything more hideous in a downtown than a surface parking lot? I say build more garages, not to increase the number of overall spots, but so that we can be rid of the multitude of surface level lots.

I think there's a catch 22 here. Governments won't spend on future infrastructure; they will not fork out funds for transit without an already intense density. To attain the desired density that apparently must precede their spending on transit, we build freeways, make our roads car friendly, and make parking ample. This results in a downtown no one wants to be in outside their 9-5, if even that. And after we've spent our tax dollars on these frivolous ventures we're left is the same place we were at the beginning.

I hope there are enough good people in office with the forethought to avoid this density..I mean destiny.

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