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By Robert (anonymous) | Posted August 13, 2007 at 10:02:09

I just do not understand conservative excitement about the environment, other than pure greed, which automatically removes their argument in my mind.

The minute you have a monetary stake in this topic, you're opinion just isn't important anymore. I will never care about your economic well being (or my own) when people start dropping.

More importantly, they make is sound like fire and brimstone if we start making changes, that suddenly we'll all be living in third world conditions. Bunch of bull if I've ever heard it.

If you don't believe in pollution changing the planet or causing disease, go to Beijing for a few weeks...even the Olympic committee is saying they'll have to move sports inside because the pollution is so bad.

Where is it exactly that you think all this pollution is going? Magically teleported by god and aliens?

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