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By AnjoMan (registered) | Posted January 22, 2015 at 11:24:43

Merulla traced a repeating history of Hamilton City Council failing to seize opportunities to transform the city through high quality transit through "lack of vision or lack of courage," right back to rejecting a proposed subway in 1959. (Hamilton City Council also rejected a proposed ALRT system in 1981, which ended up being installed in Vancouver as their hugely successful Skytrain.)

I did not know about the subway proposal in 1959. I would be suprised if the reasons for rejecting that proposal and other since didn't included 'now is not the time', and yet half a century later, councilors are saying such things about infrastructure that has already been built --- let alone the LRT. Hamilton will never be ready unless council decides to make it ready. Other cities have make it happen and found success, but this city has not. The only difference I can see is a paralyzing fear of motion. There is no other explanation for how any councilor could see the case for killing the bus lane as sensible.

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