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By williammehlenbacher (registered) | Posted January 22, 2015 at 12:14:59

I was all for the Bus Lanes, but not without more tweaking, I was shocked, that Aidan came back with the same motion, with the same tweaks, which was going to fail. What ever happened to negotiating , back room deals or what ever, to find out from those opposed, what could they do to bring them on board, such as only rush hour, no weekends, to name a couple, to help at least the Business People that were opposed to it. The Bus Lane side could of done more in my opinion, to bring at least two more on side. Sometimes one has to swallow their pride to move ahead. Sometimes being too aggressive, makes one put up a defence and then are not willing to give . Sad to see we are losing the Bus Lane, but I blame both sides. Just my opinion.

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