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By LeeEdwardMcIlmoyle (registered) - website | Posted January 22, 2015 at 12:51:49

Sam called it. I've lived in Hamilton for virtually all of my 44 years, and I know how mock-proud this city can be. We love crowing about all things Hamiltonian, but can't bear to push for a future that would change our downtrodden image. Too many outer residents who can barely stand to pass through the downtown core for more than five minutes have no idea what real urban life is, and what urbanites need. The core is being deliberately kept on its knees by the outer boroughs, because they know that if we ever get back to our feet, we'll make them change their ways, which means they'll be forced to work harder than they ever have to make those changes stick, and the citizenry will finally wake up from its car fume-induced coma and choose leadership that actually helps Hamiltonians, instead of all this foot dragging, small town mentality we see being exerted upon us.

I had Collins figured all wrong. I had no idea he was such a reactionary king-maker, which shows what a fool I've been; I grew up in the far East End, but never under his stewardship. I should have been paying more attention. I'm going to change that. Whifflebat was uncharacteristically quiet last night, but given Jackson and Duvall's maneuvers, I guess he didn't feel the need to put his oar in. Conley turned out to be just as much of a block voting backbencher as I thought he'd be. Vanderbeek proved to be exactly what we all thought she'd be, which is bad, bad news for poor Dundas. Pasuta had no horse in this race, but voted against Hamilton anyway. Let's remember that. Meaning no disrespect, or harm, but I suspect Partridge is going to be sorry the next time Flamboro Downs is threatened; three words spring to mind: No Casinos... anywhere. And Ferguson should get used to hearing three little words that are going to be carved on his gravestone someday: "Conflict of Interest".

And I'm a little concerned about Merulla's last minute statements about ending Area Rating. I'm a PB guy, and yet I have little love for ARSCR as it exists today. But I'm nevertheless going to want to watch this development very closely for the next while, regardless.

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