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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted January 22, 2015 at 14:45:26

I hate to be the one to pile on here but, you guys lost a lot more than your LRT last night. Believe me, Metrolinx and the Premier's Office were watching this vote and for all those whom supported BRT instead, that's most likely gone too! You can't have a BRT system if you council can't pass a simple short bus lane. You need many bus lanes, over many kilometers to make even a simple BRT network work. You just lost most, if not all of your higher order provincial transit funding for many years to come, in one bad vote. I am sad for you guys, I was really pulling for you! Keep fighting, eventually you will win a transit vote or two. Tell the councilors who voted against this transit only lane, the people of every other city in Ontario that wants more money for their LRT or BRT projects, thanks you for giving up all that funding. People were debating on this site whether Hamilton would have the province cover 100%, 50% or 33% of the capital funding for Hamilton's LRT line well, you can guess what it will be now, Hamilton will get 0% in this round of rapid transit funding from the province.

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