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By charlesball (registered) | Posted January 22, 2015 at 15:18:28

Many months ago I posted real times it took me to drive from Sanford to Dundurn and I was shouted down. People on King want people to drive on Cannon who want people to drive on King.

I reported that the major stumbling block appeared to be the buses crossing over between King North and McNab and that the run from McNab to Dundurn was largely unaffected. People actually called me a liar when all I did was report actual transit times.

Bus lanes are an absolute must for normal transit let alone BRT. Yet many here simply flip the bird at anyone who drives. Drivers vote and drivers pay taxes and drivers speak to their councilors.

If you look at Ryan's map above the dichotomy is palpable. People who have to drive (the red areas) have flipped the bird back at people who have options.

We just wasted $300,000.00 plus the remediation. Wasted it. Instead of admitting that the bottleneck had to be radically addressed, we flipped the bird.

There has to be an answer. One I think is unfortunately calling the McNab station a mistake and returning to what we used to have around Gore Park. Then putting in a dedicated bus lane all the way from the Delta to Dundurn. Eliminate parking on King between Wellington and Bay (an maybe while we're at it, on Main from Dundurn to Gage.)

Then see what happens.

Trouble is the opportunity has been squandered. If something like this is to happen, it has to happen BEFORE the city guts the bus lane.

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