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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted January 30, 2015 at 09:55:55

When Ottawa amalgamated into a single tier municipality in 2000 (forced amalgamation between all 13 local governments and our regional government), we became like Hamilton, mostly rural, about 90% of the total territory of the city proper. Instead of a different rating for transit funding in each of the former lower tier municipalities, we have a area defined as an urban transit area or envelope. Everyone in the transit service area pays the same transit fee on their property taxes and the people who live outside pay a much smaller transit fee. The boundary is based on density not former political boundaries. The people inside the transit envelope get the full possible service O.C. Transpo can give them and the others who live outside the envelope get a system of morning and afternoon rural express services only, many operated by private contractors not O.C. Transpo. The fares of the rural express services are higher but they do get a direct trip downtown, with stops at key stations along the way. The private operators are also allowed to use the Transitway (marketing name of our busway system). Its not perfect and some do complain but, at least you get better service and much higher passenger numbers are the result.

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