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By Chris Angel (registered) | Posted February 15, 2015 at 17:29:28

"Under Ontario Family Law, you are considered common-law spouses after living together three years. Most federal laws and programs consider you common-law spouses after one year. (An Introduction to Family Law in Ontario, Community Legal Education Ont., Nov. 2012)

Yet ODSP considers you a couple after only three months. This quick money grab, put in place during the Harris government, needs to be repealed."

Good question why the hell hasn't this been repealed. How many successive liberal governments in Ontario will it take before it is or is the plan to continue to blame Mike Harris until nobody remembers who he was?

Liberal memories are short when it comes to betrayal so I will remind readers that Dalton McGuinty pledged to restore ODSP payments to previous levels and repeal the contentious combined income provisions. Of course he also promised no new taxes and then 3 weeks later brought in a user pay OHIP fee which amounted to the largest tax increase in Ontario history. He called it a health premium not a tax so it is all good. The 100's of millions wasted by the liberals in Caledonia, on the E-Health network,the gas plant relocation scandal and subsequent intentional deletion of related emails, the Ornge scandal. Billions of wasted dollars, cover ups and lies. These can't just be laid at McGuinty's feet Wynne's attempt to bribe Sudbury native Andrew Olivier speaks for itself as does her direct involvement in the gas plant relocation scandal. This is the most scandal plagued corrupt government in modern Ontario history.

This is not an endorsement of any other party. None of the other major parties can be depended on to change ODSP rates or regulations. It would likely take multiple terms for any other party to achieve the same staggering levels of corruption the liberals have attained but they will be equally as incompetent and disingenuous.

There is a huge problem in this province and most of North America. Economic stratification and loss of manufacturing jobs are forcing employment seekers into low paying service sector jobs often without benefits. As the number of working poor increase the economy slumps and more working poor are forced onto ODSP and other supports. This will only worsen. The only possibility of change is in the election of officials with ethical integrity. It is every citizens responsibility to look beyond political dogma and party lines and elect individuals with this rare attribute.

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